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Play 4X4 Speed
3 Stars Icon

4X4 Speed

Watch the greatest 4X4 truck you've ever seen. This wagon climbs mountains. It has so much power and extreme off road ability she can handle anything. Watch it and you will not regret it.
Play 5 Finger
3 Stars Icon

5 Finger

Watch how a little game with a knife can get you a nasty cut. The 5 finger game is really dangerous and stupid guys that don't know how to do it get hurt. The 5 finger game, don`t try it at home. Is That blood I see?
Play 7 Balls
3 Stars Icon

7 Balls

This guy plays with 7 balls at a time in his garage. This is quite a show and he's got some impressive moves. Watch the guy with 7 Balls. It`s worth the time oopps
Play 7UP Careful What Your Girlfriend Orders
3 Stars Icon

7UP Careful What Your Girlfriend Orders

If you want to brake it off you with your girlfriend and you invite her out to tell her the news. Be careful what she orders! Don`t let her order coffee because you'll get burned. Make sure she orders 7UP.dries fast and doesn't hurt. 7up rocks.
Play A Three-Way
3 Stars Icon

A Three-Way

One of the most interesting advertisements ever made. who could have thought that to much furniture can stop you having A Three-Way.
Play Adidas 2006
3 Stars Icon

Adidas 2006

With an Adidas football you can play football with who ever you want wherever you want. Just use your mind and let the game speak the language. Nothing is Impossible with Adidas.
Play Adidas Nothing's Impossible [From Www.Metacafe.Com]
3 Stars Icon

Adidas Nothing's Impossible [From Www.Metacafe.Com]

God created soccer balls so everyone could live happily all over the world playing football. Adidas helps you play soccer as much as you love to. Adidas.
Play Adidas Soccer In The Streets
3 Stars Icon

Adidas Soccer In The Streets

Everyone loves soccer, they would play it anywhere. especially in the streets. And the only way to play soccer is Adidas. Soccer in the Streets, do you play? Adidas, the forever sport.
Play Adidas Space Soccer
3 Stars Icon

Adidas Space Soccer

When you have Adidas you can play soccer anywhere. even in space. even the greatest football players play space soccer. Impossible is nothing.Adidas
Play Another Day At The Beach
3 Stars Icon

Another Day At The Beach

The only gum that can make a girl shake her buns for you and you don`t even have to be sexy.MUST, a gum that makes you sexy
Play Are You Sport Obsessed
3 Stars Icon

Are You Sport Obsessed

If you want to have a nice evening in bed with your partner don't get one sport obsessed. you might just get a red card for hitting him. Red cards in bed. For all the sports obsessed
Play Artic Trucks Lets Rock
3 Stars Icon

Artic Trucks Lets Rock

You absolutely should get one of these trucks if you want to be ale to drive on water. with a car and not a boat. Arctic trucks, the only thing that you can drive on water
Play Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (14)
3 Stars Icon

Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (14)

Watch how this guy plays with a golf club as if he`d have a tennis racket in his hand. he has so much precision and after a few bumps he even sends the golf ball far far away with one hit.
Play Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (95)
3 Stars Icon

Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (95)

Watch how one football player manages to make magic with the football. it is incredible what this guy can do. Don`t miss it. Ashley Freestyle
Play Axe Life Changing Shower Gel
3 Stars Icon

Axe Life Changing Shower Gel

Have you lost your voice because of some unfortunate accident? There `s just one thing you could do. AXE, the revitalizing shower gel. Revives even what you thought was lost.
Play Bad Girlfriend
3 Stars Icon

Bad Girlfriend

If you have a bag girlfriend you should get a TACOMA DOUBLE CAB. It can't be destroyed by pissed off girls. TACOMA DOUBLE CAB from TOYOTA
Play Barkeeper Girl
3 Stars Icon

Barkeeper Girl

Watch the best barkeeper girl you've ever seen doing incredible things with a bottle. She makes it seem easy even though its really hard. Best barkeeper girl. Watch her, Tom Cruise has nothing on this Chick.
Play Basketball Perfekt
3 Stars Icon

Basketball Perfekt

Watch how this guys at the university Basketball Perfekt at an amazing distances and in amazing positions. These guys took it to another levels. Thats how you mess around with Basketballs.
Play Bear Fight Video
3 Stars Icon

Bear Fight Video

Ever wonder how that tasty tender salmon gets in those cans at the supermarket? Well it is no easy task. In this video, witness a man fighting a bear for some of that succulent salmon.
Play Beckham Free Kick Against Madrid
3 Stars Icon

Beckham Free Kick Against Madrid

One of the greatest football players in the world. David Beckham,scores an incredible goal against Madrid with a free kick.Beckham Free Kick Against Madrid best goal you've seen
Play Beer & Bikini
3 Stars Icon

Beer & Bikini

Want to mix beer and bikinis? Make it a Bud Light goes well with bikinis..
Play Beer To Girl
3 Stars Icon

Beer To Girl

Ever wondered what a Bavaria beer could get you or do for you? A nice dance?
Play Bike Bergab
3 Stars Icon

Bike Bergab

Watch the craziest guy out there going on the back wheel at 70 mph and then on his front wheel at 60 mph. This guy is incredible (or nuts) and he does even more. Watch Bike Bergab. Yeah, he is nuts!
Play Bike Sea Jump
3 Stars Icon

Bike Sea Jump

One of the most dangerous and exciting things you can do while you are with your friends on a hill next to a lake. Jump with your bike in to the water. Bike Sea Jump
Play Blind Date
3 Stars Icon

Blind Date

Want to help a future friend in need of a blind date? Get a Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. Intelligent nightlife. Smirnoff
Play Bling Bling
3 Stars Icon

Bling Bling

Your girl dumped you because of someone else? Blame it on the diamond. De Beers,a diamond is forever.
Play Blondes On Cnn
3 Stars Icon

Blondes On Cnn

Do you want to see blonds? Tune your TV into CNN because they have a blond for every story.
Play Bring Down
3 Stars Icon

Bring Down

Just when I thought buying flowers and being a romantic at heart had no purpose, I had to watch this and it made me want to get on the phone.
Play Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator
0 Stars Icon

Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator

Budweiser presents you real men of genius. It takes you to a nude camp where men and women do activities together naked. Get Budweiser now and get what you deserve.
Play Cat Herding
3 Stars Icon

Cat Herding

Do not let anyone tell you cat herding is easy. Anyone can herd cattle, but keeping 10,000 short hairs together, well that is a different story.
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