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Play Cool 7Up Ad
3 Stars Icon

Cool 7Up Ad

7Up great cool refreshing drink that you would do anything for. Drink it every day anywhere. 7Up gives you the pleasure you want to feel while drinking it.7Up.
Play Dad, I'm Pregnant!
3 Stars Icon

Dad, I'm Pregnant!

If you are looking for a long chat with your dad while trying to tell him that you are pregnant you should get Vodafone pay 3 get 60
Play Espn Radio
3 Stars Icon

Espn Radio

ESPN. Do you want your kid to be good and learn interesting things while you are doing something else? Espn, get your radio on.
Play Fuji
3 Stars Icon


You are shy and don't know what to do! Wait for the lights to go out, but watch out for FUJIFILM makes great pictures in the dark, you can't hide from him
Play Glass Door
0 Stars Icon

Glass Door

Dancing and fooling around on your balcony doesn't cost you a thing, but your friends watching you hit the glass door trying to run away, ....that's PRICELESS
Play Hot And Sexy
2 Stars Icon

Hot And Sexy

Best Sprite commercial with a gorgeous girl that tells you to give it up and not resist your thirst. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst. SPRITE
Play Israel Is A Dangerous Place
3 Stars Icon

Israel Is A Dangerous Place

Israel can be for sure a dangerous place. If you thought you knew all about Israel, think again .
Play Kiss The Frog
3 Stars Icon

Kiss The Frog

How would it be to kiss someone and that someone would turn in whatever you wanted? Kiss the'll be anything for you.
Play Mates And A Girl
3 Stars Icon

Mates And A Girl

Your roommate has his girl over and wants to have a good time. Do you have a WKD side? If you do...piss them off. WKD best drink when you want to get on someone`s nerves.
Play My Sister
0 Stars Icon

My Sister

Do you think that a hot girl is better then a BUD LIGHT? But what would you do for a hot girl? Because I know you'd do anything for the smooth taste of BUD LIGHT. great taste for your good time.
Play Need Glasses
3 Stars Icon

Need Glasses

You see a hot girl? Are you sure your eyes do not mislead? Check it out before it's to late. Need glasses? OSPM, for a better view of things.
Play Caught On Web Cam
0 Stars Icon

Caught On Web Cam

If you are trying to impress your family and want them to think that you are a nice tidy boy. Don't let your girl walk in front of the web cam half naked. They will only think they haven't raised you well.
Play Copy Of Addiction
3 Stars Icon

Copy Of Addiction

My bottle of Addiction is empty now! But, not sure it ever got me to dance like this.
Play Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad
3 Stars Icon

Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad

Make every day exciting with Ford. Ford Fusion has everything you need on it, but girls. Get a Ford Fusion and get the girls. the new Ford Fusion, the no nonsense car!
Play Axe Life Changing Shower Gel
3 Stars Icon

Axe Life Changing Shower Gel

Have you lost your voice because of some unfortunate accident? There `s just one thing you could do. AXE, the revitalizing shower gel. Revives even what you thought was lost.
Play Nissan Pathfinder
3 Stars Icon

Nissan Pathfinder

Everything can be independent in this world even a woman's breasts. But only the new Nissan Pathfinder with front independent suspension can Shift the future
Play GoGo Oops
3 Stars Icon

GoGo Oops

Nothing compares with a ride on a scooter with your boyfriend, but watch out for the trees, you might get hurt. a safer choice would be GOGO tours.
Play Pepsi Twist
1 Star Icon

Pepsi Twist

Pepsi Twist. you would do anything to get your hand on it and share with others the strange experience. PEPSI TWIST, dare for more.
Play Sexy Girls Making Beer
0 Stars Icon

Sexy Girls Making Beer

It's a wonder there weren't more of us working to get into this factory. Now just where is this great looking place anyway?
Play Hummer H2 Slip Into Something
3 Stars Icon

Hummer H2 Slip Into Something

Slip into something you`ve never seen before.a little more metal a little something else HUMMER H2, like nothing else out there.
Play Toyota Corolla Stranded Hot Girl
3 Stars Icon

Toyota Corolla Stranded Hot Girl

Before you stop to help someone on the road, look at his car. It might be a trap. Have you ever seen a Corolla broken? The new Corolla from Toyota. It's a quality thing.
Play Super Glue
0 Stars Icon

Super Glue

If you want to win a rodeo contest you should get super glue. Super glue the fastest way to stick something together. Super glue, so fast, so strong.
Play Toyota of Tomorrow Today
3 Stars Icon

Toyota of Tomorrow Today

One car that is for sure to get you and your friends the satisfaction you need while you drive it, not only.Today but tomorrow too, TOYOTA.
Play Washing The Right Way
3 Stars Icon

Washing The Right Way

Now this is a lady who can really say she enjoys house work and doing the laundry.
Play Phillips Webcam Girlfriend Chat
0 Stars Icon

Phillips Webcam Girlfriend Chat

Best way to catch your girlfriend cheating on you. Philips web cam. No way better to catch her before it's too late.
Play Fiat Crabs Are Smart
0 Stars Icon

Fiat Crabs Are Smart

This Fiat Seicento advert uses a very attractive sun-bathing woman along with beach crabs showing the creatures of nature really are smart. She releases her bikini so no tan lines and lies down when a cunning crab comes out and pinches her so all the othe
Play Napster Get The Whole Thing
3 Stars Icon

Napster Get The Whole Thing

Its worth it to watch a hot blonde girl dancing in front of you, stripping for you just for 30 seconds and leave you wanting more. But if you use Napster you get the whole thing. over 1.6 tracks all for just 9.95 pounds a month. Napster
Play Sunfresh Hogs Breath
3 Stars Icon

Sunfresh Hogs Breath

A geek turns out to be a hot girl hidden behind her glasses? Watch out for her breath. she might have not been drinking a sunfresh. Sunfresh, will make your breath fresh.
Play Hot Daughter And Her Friends
3 Stars Icon

Hot Daughter And Her Friends

This dad and just about every dad in sight is distracted by his daughter's hot friends in bikinis at the cookout. But come on, he's a dad!
Play Incredible Legs Chicken of The Sea
3 Stars Icon

Incredible Legs Chicken of The Sea

Would you like to look like a model with incredible legs? Who wouldn't? You can do it by eating Chicken of the Sea, low fat preservative free. Chicken of the Sea
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