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Play Intense Peugeot 206
3 Stars Icon

Intense Peugeot 206

The Peugeot 206 is the new way to express your intense feelings. Anyone could feel it like the owners of 207.Peugeot, Intense at everything you do.
Play Jack-In-The-Box SciFi
3 Stars Icon

Jack-In-The-Box SciFi

Jack in the box has alwys been a surprising event and then the smart butt little girl has to wave in this great little SciFi promo.
Play Sony Cybershot Liar
3 Stars Icon

Sony Cybershot Liar

The new Sony 7.2 mpx Cybershot has such great quality you can do pictures and movies. You can even catch your boyfriend doing bad things! With the new Sony 7.2 mpx Cybershot your image is up to you
Play Man laws - Best Friends Ex
3 Stars Icon

Man laws - Best Friends Ex

There are a lot of Man Laws that are written in stone. Burt Reynolds angrily ends the discussion on how long to wait until a man can date his friend's ex girlfriend. Man Law clearly states that you can never date a friend's ex, unless she's really hot.
Play Merceds Not In This Weather
0 Stars Icon

Merceds Not In This Weather

With the Mercedes E-class with 4Matic you can drive your way through any weather. If your wife's not expecting you, you can surprise her ...or not. The E-class with 4MATIC. At least there's one thing you can rely on
Play Pervert Excited By Bears Mating
0 Stars Icon

Pervert Excited By Bears Mating

These are bad times to be polishing your shoes. A girlfriend believes that her man is practicing a certain form of self massage, as he watches two bears mating in a documentary. Understandably a little confusion and disgust.
Play Ping Pong Ball Exercise
3 Stars Icon

Ping Pong Ball Exercise

Even though you've never thought the ping pong ball could help you exercise muscles you've never heard you had. Use the ping pong ball to exercise and define your muscles with this exercise.
Play Red Head
3 Stars Icon

Red Head

This is a clip of a beautiful, scantily clad redhead "making love to the camera" on a black leather couch.
Play Romanson
3 Stars Icon


A short video of a man and a woman slow dancing while close, detailed shots of a Romanson watch are shown. It ends with the couple slowly breaking away in slow-motion.
Play Sedial Discretion Commercial
0 Stars Icon

Sedial Discretion Commercial

Brunettes are the some of the greatest girls in the world. The good thing about them is that we get captivated then when we least expect it…. the power of discretion. Sedal
Play Sex Cells
3 Stars Icon

Sex Cells

A pretty girl in a white skirt and a red jacket is dancing and posing while a new digital cell phone mimics and records every single motion.
Play Surfer Girl Hallensteins
3 Stars Icon

Surfer Girl Hallensteins

Being a guy it's the best thing that can happen to you. You can get everything for free, even a surfer girl. HALLENSTEINS, it's good to be a guy.
Play Frustrating Tongue Cleaning
3 Stars Icon

Frustrating Tongue Cleaning

Make your husband clean the flat with his tongue by spilling beer all over. But if you want the same treatment be sure that you've got some beer left. Frustrating, the beer you can't afford to run out of.
Play Toyota Girlfriend
3 Stars Icon

Toyota Girlfriend

A father is a little deceived when he watches his daughter's new friend swing up to their house in a new Toyota. He is so distracted by the fact that a Toyota, that he doesn't realize that his daughter's new boyfriend is actually a very nice, responsible
Play Lexmark You Have To Go
0 Stars Icon

Lexmark You Have To Go

Before you make a girl, you`ve already taken to your room, get out through the window… make sure at the door is really a hot girl and not only your little brother with a picture that he printed on his LEXMARK.PRINTER, Lexmark makes pictures seem real.
Play Adidas 2006
3 Stars Icon

Adidas 2006

With an Adidas football you can play football with who ever you want wherever you want. Just use your mind and let the game speak the language. Nothing is Impossible with Adidas.
Play Adidas Space Soccer
3 Stars Icon

Adidas Space Soccer

When you have Adidas you can play soccer anywhere. even in space. even the greatest football players play space soccer. Impossible is nothing.Adidas
Play 4X4 Speed
3 Stars Icon

4X4 Speed

Watch the greatest 4X4 truck you've ever seen. This wagon climbs mountains. It has so much power and extreme off road ability she can handle anything. Watch it and you will not regret it.
Play 7 Balls
3 Stars Icon

7 Balls

This guy plays with 7 balls at a time in his garage. This is quite a show and he's got some impressive moves. Watch the guy with 7 Balls. It`s worth the time oopps
Play Barkeeper Girl
3 Stars Icon

Barkeeper Girl

Watch the best barkeeper girl you've ever seen doing incredible things with a bottle. She makes it seem easy even though its really hard. Best barkeeper girl. Watch her, Tom Cruise has nothing on this Chick.
Play Basketball Perfekt
3 Stars Icon

Basketball Perfekt

Watch how this guys at the university Basketball Perfekt at an amazing distances and in amazing positions. These guys took it to another levels. Thats how you mess around with Basketballs.
Play Bike Bergab
3 Stars Icon

Bike Bergab

Watch the craziest guy out there going on the back wheel at 70 mph and then on his front wheel at 60 mph. This guy is incredible (or nuts) and he does even more. Watch Bike Bergab. Yeah, he is nuts!
Play Bike Sea Jump
3 Stars Icon

Bike Sea Jump

One of the most dangerous and exciting things you can do while you are with your friends on a hill next to a lake. Jump with your bike in to the water. Bike Sea Jump
Play Hockey Tricks
0 Stars Icon

Hockey Tricks

Watch 4 guys doing tricks with hokey crosses. It`s like nothing you've ever seen before. They are great, each doing it like no other. they are the tricks men.
Play Artic Trucks Lets Rock
3 Stars Icon

Artic Trucks Lets Rock

You absolutely should get one of these trucks if you want to be ale to drive on water. with a car and not a boat. Arctic trucks, the only thing that you can drive on water
Play Pimp Your Wheels Felgen
3 Stars Icon

Pimp Your Wheels Felgen

The latest gadgets out there for pimp cars. Get the best that fit your car. You can get anything and create it yourself if you want. Get pimped Felgen. Pimpstar
Play Jeremy Clarkson Drag Racing With A Diffrence
3 Stars Icon

Jeremy Clarkson Drag Racing With A Diffrence

A range rover beats a focus while dragging another focus at the same time and does it at a distance of 3 seconds. you can view this at full throttle with Jeremy Clarkson. Drag Racing With A Difference
Play Explosion Of Dog
3 Stars Icon

Explosion Of Dog

Get a look at this guy trying to play with his dog which eventually gets blown up because the gas man gave the dog gas to drink. Watch the explosiive ending.
Play Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 Dream
0 Stars Icon

Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 Dream

Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6 is absolutely your dream car. You can do anything you want with it. It is a powerful car with great handling. You should get it if you can. You will not regret it. Ford Mondeo 2001 25 V6
Play Ford Sierra Burnouts
0 Stars Icon

Ford Sierra Burnouts

Who could ever thought that you could do burnouts and drifting with a Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC. Well you can. Watch this video as a proof. It is better than some cars I've seen doing the same thing. Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC
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