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Play Imagine Winning
3 Stars Icon

Imagine Winning

You're in a competition driving through the jungle with your Jeep, but out of the blue your wife appears saying you destroyed her garden. Imagine winning...
Play Just For One Burger
3 Stars Icon

Just For One Burger

You like burgers? Everyone likes burgers and they are found all over the world even in airplanes. But what would you do for just one burger?
Play My Sister
0 Stars Icon

My Sister

Do you think that a hot girl is better then a BUD LIGHT? But what would you do for a hot girl? Because I know you'd do anything for the smooth taste of BUD LIGHT. great taste for your good time.
Play Copy Of Addiction
3 Stars Icon

Copy Of Addiction

My bottle of Addiction is empty now! But, not sure it ever got me to dance like this.
Play Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad
3 Stars Icon

Ford Fusion How To Shoot A Car Ad

Make every day exciting with Ford. Ford Fusion has everything you need on it, but girls. Get a Ford Fusion and get the girls. the new Ford Fusion, the no nonsense car!
Play Nissan Pathfinder
3 Stars Icon

Nissan Pathfinder

Everything can be independent in this world even a woman's breasts. But only the new Nissan Pathfinder with front independent suspension can Shift the future
Play GoGo Oops
3 Stars Icon

GoGo Oops

Nothing compares with a ride on a scooter with your boyfriend, but watch out for the trees, you might get hurt. a safer choice would be GOGO tours.
Play Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger Riding
0 Stars Icon

Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger Riding

The only way to eat whatever you want is to exercise more. What do you want to eat? The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger from Carl's JR.Eat right!
Play Starbucks Ad
3 Stars Icon

Starbucks Ad

Starbucks coffee is the best coffee in the world. Every one loves it because it's cheep and tasty. Starbucks freakin` delicious.
Play Toyota of Tomorrow Today
3 Stars Icon

Toyota of Tomorrow Today

One car that is for sure to get you and your friends the satisfaction you need while you drive it, not only.Today but tomorrow too, TOYOTA.
Play Zoomanity
3 Stars Icon


A little ad for zoomanity concerning the San Francisco Zoo. It follows the trials and tribulations faced by a girl cursed with a cat's tail. The clip ends with a little scene of her finding a new friend.
Play 7UP Careful What Your Girlfriend Orders
3 Stars Icon

7UP Careful What Your Girlfriend Orders

If you want to brake it off you with your girlfriend and you invite her out to tell her the news. Be careful what she orders! Don`t let her order coffee because you'll get burned. Make sure she orders 7UP.dries fast and doesn't hurt. 7up rocks.
Play Date Doctor
0 Stars Icon

Date Doctor

If your job doesn't get you the results you'd like and it even makes a fool out of you. Try using aspirational business cards. You will absolutely get her number.
Play Napster Get The Whole Thing
3 Stars Icon

Napster Get The Whole Thing

Its worth it to watch a hot blonde girl dancing in front of you, stripping for you just for 30 seconds and leave you wanting more. But if you use Napster you get the whole thing. over 1.6 tracks all for just 9.95 pounds a month. Napster
Play Hot Daughter And Her Friends
3 Stars Icon

Hot Daughter And Her Friends

This dad and just about every dad in sight is distracted by his daughter's hot friends in bikinis at the cookout. But come on, he's a dad!
Play Jack-In-The-Box SciFi
3 Stars Icon

Jack-In-The-Box SciFi

Jack in the box has alwys been a surprising event and then the smart butt little girl has to wave in this great little SciFi promo.
Play Little Girl Milk Wassup
0 Stars Icon

Little Girl Milk Wassup

A video of kids asking the important question of "Wassup?". Reenacting the famous Budweiser "Wassup" commercial on the topic of milk. Wassup with that?
Play Man laws - Best Friends Ex
3 Stars Icon

Man laws - Best Friends Ex

There are a lot of Man Laws that are written in stone. Burt Reynolds angrily ends the discussion on how long to wait until a man can date his friend's ex girlfriend. Man Law clearly states that you can never date a friend's ex, unless she's really hot.
Play M and M M-Azing
3 Stars Icon

M and M M-Azing

What would you do for a chocolate? It is amazing what can be donefor the new chocolate with M&M and peanut butter.M-Azing, the greatest chocolate ever.
Play Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator
0 Stars Icon

Budweiser Mr Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator

Budweiser presents you real men of genius. It takes you to a nude camp where men and women do activities together naked. Get Budweiser now and get what you deserve.
Play Ziarul Financiar Business Priorities
0 Stars Icon

Ziarul Financiar Business Priorities

If you are in a coffee shop and a woman comes and writes down her number on your newspaper with lipstick you should consider your priorities. Success in business is a matter of priorities. Ziarul Financiar.Business is business.
Play Frustrating Tongue Cleaning
3 Stars Icon

Frustrating Tongue Cleaning

Make your husband clean the flat with his tongue by spilling beer all over. But if you want the same treatment be sure that you've got some beer left. Frustrating, the beer you can't afford to run out of.
Play Ford Sierra Burnouts
0 Stars Icon

Ford Sierra Burnouts

Who could ever thought that you could do burnouts and drifting with a Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC. Well you can. Watch this video as a proof. It is better than some cars I've seen doing the same thing. Ford Sierra 2.0L DOHC
Play Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (14)
3 Stars Icon

Ashley Freestyle Part 2 (14)

Watch how this guy plays with a golf club as if he`d have a tennis racket in his hand. he has so much precision and after a few bumps he even sends the golf ball far far away with one hit.
Play Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert
0 Stars Icon

Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert

Shoot down some of your favorite celebrities George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and more.
Play Bush Shoot Out
0 Stars Icon

Bush Shoot Out

The Bush and Kerry election was close. See what President Bush can do in this action packed game. Play as George Bush and shoot down terrorists invading the white house.
Play Buddy In Space
3 Stars Icon

Buddy In Space

Fight through 9 levels with items and enemies.
Play Enemy Shooting 1
0 Stars Icon

Enemy Shooting 1

To shoot an enemy, use the mouse to position the crosshair over the enemy and the left mouse button.
Play Quick Draw
4 Stars Icon

Quick Draw

Shoot buster before he shoots you!
Play Shooting the Fly
0 Stars Icon

Shooting the Fly

Use your gun to shoot the annoying bugs that are flying around.
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